Hey Friends In and Around the Neighborhood,

It’s that time that we all anticipated, Season 2 of the TV Show Neighborhood Chefs, we have an incredible line up of talented, chefs, cooks, hosts to Introduce you to. My job is to introduce them all and what they will be into coming months of taping, I don’t know about you, But me, personally I’m excited. I know I have been Quite Quiet lately , for good reasons I assure you. I have been working on my own Business Venture and Super excited about My Business Partner Latonya Mechelle and I have Great things for all to Look Forward to and Go “Beyond Measure” to bringing it to you, What I’m doing still doesn’t take away from my position here at Neighborhood Chefs.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Hosts and I’m happy to make these introductions.
1st Host I would Like to Introduce you to is Mike Hernandez, He will be the New Host of Neighborhood Chefs: On The Road, Where he will bring his experience and Grading of Local Restaurants, Dives, and Eateries in and Around New York area


Michael A. Hernández – Cooking has been part of Michael’s life since the early age
of four when he used to help his grandmother in the kitchen. Interestingly enough it all
began with this simple question posed by her, “are you going to marry a Mexican girl
when you grow up?” When he answered ‘no”, she took him by the hand and led him to
stove and said, “then you’d better learn how to cook.”

And cook he did. At 15 yrs. old he was already working as a broiler chef at a well-
known steakhouse in Omaha, NE. While in college his attention turned to fine dining and
Oenology—the study of viniculture. Upon graduation Michael was selected to be part
of the Grand Re-Opening team of the Willard—InterContinental Hotel in Washington,
D.C. —he was appointed, Dining Room Captain and Assistant Sommelier. After earning
his Sommelier Certificate in 1987 he moved to San Francisco to continue his studies in
Northern California’s legendary wine country … Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

However, in 1999 the lure of New York City, and the want for a greater sense of purpose,
set him on yet another career path … Public Health. Michael had finally found his
calling: helping people to lead healthier, more meaningful lives through wholesome
affordable food, safe spaces for physical activity, simple lifestyle changes, and good
governmental policies.

A nationally recognized advocate to help fight childhood obesity in the United States
of America, Michael sits on the Board of Directors for the Public Health Association
of New York City and serves as its Policy Chair for Food and Nutrition issues. He is
also the Chair-elect of the Community-Based Public Health Caucus (a national coalition
dedicated to empowering underserved communities) through the American Public Health

Michael and his wife, Gabrielle, love to travel, cook, and entertain friends in their
Brooklyn apartment as often as possible.



Please Make sure you show Mike Hernandez some Love and Check Out the Upcoming Chefs On the Road/ and He will also be a Host on Neighborhood Chefs.


Next Host is the Beautiful Jody Paulovich, she will be hosting Neighborhood Chefs,

Throughout her tenure in NYC as a starving actress and TV host, like many others, Jodi Paulovich,
aka Jo, worked in the restaurant business in more places (the Roxy, French bistros, family-style Italian
restaurants, trendy celeb-studded Madison ave hangouts, you name it) and capacities (hostess,
bartender, bar manager, banquet manager, promoter, PR, just about everything except chef) than
she cares to remember. But her struggles were not in vain, as she became an expert food and wine
critic. As a self-proclaimed foodie, there aren’t many cuisines she hasn’t tried, whether in NYC or
abroad. Although she might be considered a bit of a food snob by some, she still considers herself to
be a connoisseur of fine hot dogs and says if she could choose her last meal on Earth, it would be a
toss up…either gnocchi in white truffle butter or a hot dog from Gray’s Papaya lol. In spite of her food
fettish, she was raised with wheatgrass growing on the window sill, as her mother was very much into
herbs and clean living, so Jo tries to incorporate raw living foods into her diet, and tries to eat only
local or organic whenever possible (except for the hot dogs).

Jo has a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish from Penn State University, where she wrote and
anchored the noon news for the local NPR affiliate, wrote and produced the news for WJAC-TV, the
local NBC affiliate, and wrote for the local newspaper. Upon graduation, she moved to NYC where
she studied acting and did various things in the performing arts, including dancing, modeling, and
acting in several independent films, TV commercials, and hosting TV pilots. She eventually went on
to create a kitschy relationship advice blog called The Jo Show, which became a live weekly online
radio show and then a Brooklyn Cable Access TV show, focusing on relationship advice as well as
spirituality and holistic health topics.

Currently, Jo is a TV/radio/web host, writer, producer and motivational speaker on all things
relationships, holistic health, cooking, beauty, self-image and general reinvention. She has a holistic
health blog which focuses on natural cures and healing, which you can find at,
and she’s currently in pre-production on a relationship/dating advice book, coming soon. Jo resides in
Brooklyn with her Siamese cat, Rudy Giuliani.

Say Hello and show Love to Jo when you see what she has to bring to the show……..


Neighbors Let me introduce the Fabulous Doice John

An emerging talent in the hosting industry, Doice John began his hosting career for the touring Auto Shows. While doing the auto shows Doice realized he had a great passion for presenting information to people in an entertaining way.

Shortly after his auto show hosting began, Doice John moved to New York  from Detroit to increase his skills so that one day he could become a great and well known television host.

While in New York Doice booked many jobs as a Host and continues to look for more. He is very excited to be apart of neighborhood chefs . Doice loves to try new foods and cant wait to showcase Neighborhood Chefs to the world.


These Are Our Host/and Hostess with The Most/Mostest. Taping Begins August 18, 2012

If You are a Home Cook, Chefs, Pastry Chefs We Are Looking for You

Please Contact our Executive Producer Justice Stewart 866.359.6856 X711


Associate Producer/Blog Writer Yolanda Y. Parker   866-359-6856×719


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  1. I love this Yolanda Good job!

  2. Very Nicely done…Can’t wait to be back to cook something or maybe at my house….

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