Let’s see what’s cooking in the kitchen

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Hi Everyone,

The Neighborhood Chefs shoot this past Saturday was full of surprises.  I have got to compliment each one of these chefs on sharing their talent with us.

 Brooklyn Public Advocate, Saquan Jones is a blog radio star who graced our kitchen with his version of fried, juicy catfish with cheddar cheese macaroni & corn on the cob basted with cinnamon & honey cooked in the husk.  I went home and the next night used the honey and cinnamon on the corn. MM-MM good!

Our Guest host,  David Rivera and Saquan got on like a house of fire.


Chey B, a life & relationship coach, put his charms in the pot and created Rotini Pasta with Turkey)Turkey Sausage. The sauce, people, the sauce was made with cream cheese, green & red peppers,  and was a fresh tomato taste  with a hint of pepper for spiciness that was brought to life by the turkey sausage.  For the sauce, I highly recommend dipping bread in the sauce.


One day a few weeks ago,  I was on the train with my daughter returning from NYC, and saw a lady get on the train holding a bag of vegetables but she looked upset.  I inquired to see if maybe I could help her and we ended up talking. This lady is a raw food specialist! Ms Regine Bigler proved that vegetarian food is so not boring.  I am not a big fan of kale but I have new found respect for this veggie.  She made a salad with kale and showed how to made it edible with red & golden beets.  It had a garlic, lemony taste. Then she made a dish called,”Holy Rollers“.  It looked like vegetable egg roll but made with tortilla, filled with slivers of carrots, red cabbage, marinated mushrooms, pickled ginger and a dipping sauce made with tahini & smoked paprika.  She made a cilantro pesto that i wanted to eat with a spoon!  Man, this was delicious because everyone was looking like uh uh, I am not touching that, and was one of those experiences you won”t soon forget.


 Then Unique Shaquasia Brooks was up next with Beef  Empanadas.  These tender little packets of pleasure can be made in minutes with the cheese being a lovely compliment to the seasoned beef.


Kyle Bonner was extraordinary with his pan seared Flounder with green salad and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  I  got the recipe,  but I am not telling. LOL!



Dhalimu Robinson is phenomenal!  He gave us a taste of Fried Cornish Hens with whipped potatoes with swiss cheese with lemony broccoli on the side.   Cornish hens are the little brother of the chicken and when you marinate little brother in seasoning you get a crispy skin with flavor.



An arrest -Ed Development on Neighborhood Chefs Show ( Pastry Chef Ed Myers)

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Ed is his name, Pastries of all kinds is his game. Pastry Chef Ed is by far a true Sweets Genius ,his passion and love for creating one of the hardest things to do in cooking is baking and he does it well. Pastry Chef Ed found that in High School he was making Cheesecakes  for whomever ask for it and that made him quite popular. Pastry Chef Ed, was born in Yonkers, NY raised in Mt. Vernon, he attended the Mt Vernon Public Schools where he met and Later married his wife(Deanna) Dina of 16 years, now that’s a blessing.
Chef and Mom

Chef Eds Officer
Chef Ed and Dina

Pastry Chef Ed, has enjoyed baking every since he can remember; growing up watching his Beautiful Mother cook meals and bake and the great smells that it brought throughout the house  was enough to get him hooked, He enjoyed it so much that he was sure this would be the profession for him….But a brief detour from his  culinary career. In 1988, the now Pastry Chef Ed was instead Trooper Edward M. Myers of NY State Troopers (Police) covering  Westchester and the surrounding Tri-State area is now Retired as Sergeant; and even while still on the force this man found the time to do exactly what he loved to do make Pastries,
Working as a Pastry Chef In various Kitchens in NY since 2001. He loved it so much, in 2006 He attended Culinary School at the Institute of Culinary Arts in NYC and earned a degree in Pastry and Baking Arts. Those that bake know that baking is a science….. Baking requires discipline and structure and that’s what the Police Force has  brought to his Culinary Career.
Chef Eds Kitchen


chef ed on NBHC

I mentioned earlier, about this arrested development, we are grateful to Pastry Chef Ed for gracing the set and taking timeout of his busy schedule and the busiest time of the year for Him …….Christmas!!!!!!! He not only brought us some very moist, extremely delicious Red Velvet cupcakes,He made for the crew and between us I’m not that fond of cake but I tried it and tried to take more than 1 YES, they were that incredible. On the set of Neighborhood Chefs Pastry Chef Ed made these Shortbread Cookies with Christmas themes on them, some had Santa , nativity scene, Hanukkah, Menorah  etc. He demonstrated how he did this technique on a cookie, it looked like beautiful artwork on a cookie,again there is a science to this so you have to Check out exactly how he did this……
Cookies Pastry Chef Ed

chef ed meyer cookies

I love Pastry Chef Ed Myers, He’s hilarious had the whole set cracking up with his witty sense of humor, we had a great day with him, His personality exudes confidence, he speaks highly and with such admiration for his Family and his Business Pastries Anyone?  He and his Wife Deanna started it a few years ago and he is always busy, they offer  all types of different pastries, including sugar- free, glutton-free and wheat-free treats . Pastries Anyone? will have you covered on all aspects of desserts for all occasions providing the freshest ingredients…..
Chef Eds
chef ed's tiffany boxes

you can check out Pastries Anyone? on Facebook and like his business page….. Thank You Pastry Chef/Sgt. Ed Myers for Gracing the Set of Neighborhood Chefs with your talent and delicious treats, can’t wait until you return….Psst…… Bring More Red Velvet Cupcakes, Please 😀

Officer Edpastry Chef Ed Mchef and Kids Ed

His “Ill-ness” has hit the Neighborhood

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1-IMG_7378 copy

The chef I am going to be writing about goes by many titles such as “The Ill Chef” and “Food Network’s Chopped Champion.” Who am I talking about, you ask? I'm talking about Chef Shehu (pronounced Shay-u) Fitzgerald. You can catch him being crowned Champion on season 7 episode 1 of Food Network’s series Chopped. His culinary skills and techniques are sickening— in a good way, hence the given title “The Ill Chef”

Shehu’s own birth given title is a unique name one to say the least. One of the questions I asked him was where did his name come from. Although he's not Nigerian his name is of Nigerian origin and it came about when his mother was reading The Sword of Truth: The life and times of the Shehu Usuman dan Fodio by Mervyn Hiskett.


As aforementioned chef Shehu appeared on the popular Food Network show Chopped Season 7 Episode 1. For those who have not watched the show Chopped is a competition where there are 4 Chefs competing in 3 rounds of a “mystery basket” challenge. The chefs are unaware of the items in the basket and the items are different during each round.

The chefs get a certain amount of time to come up with a creative dish from the mystery basket; they must incorporate all basket items. This may seem simple but let me tell you, when you’re under pressure of a strict time frame it is very difficult. Chef Shehu had no problems at all with the mystery basket items, he said that the pressure was definitely put on with the little time to do it in but ultimately he proved he had what it takes to think outside the box and won the competition.


Many of us, who love to cook, love to eat and that's what started chef Shehu in the business as a kid—EATING. Growing up as the son of a pastry chef, Shehu’s mother played a major part of growing the seed that has helped him become the man he is today. Thank you Momma Fitzgerald, you did an awesome job! This man obviously exudes confidence, love, and passion for what he does.

Chef Shehu is a single father of a four year old daughter. Another thing that's to be admired but needless to say he is a very busy man, very humble, very unique like God made him. Being a single father however is no burden for him at all, it doesn't take away from but it accentuates everything he does. Our friend Shehu took the time out of his busy schedule to make time to appear on our show Neighborhood Chefs, I think if you reference my blog I've mentioned Season 2 is going to be fire!!!! Well let me tell you Shehu brought the heat not once but twice already.

He was being modest with us the first time he made this incredible Peppered Crusted Seared Scallops w/Carrot Puree and Watermelon w/ Roasted Feta/ Pine Nuts Salad.

After his first appearance he opened up his first restaurant called The Phunky Elephant Gastropub” located at 1271 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY. The Phunky Elephant has been open a little over a month in a half and is doing quite well. Chef Shehu calls his style and technique “Twisted American Fusion.” You can enjoy many things on his menu including his open faced oxtails, which he marinades for three to five days; the sauce is incredible, served with homemade pasta. Chef Shehu recommends trying his risotto balls, he has been speaking highly about these delectable delights, so they are definitely a must try.

I have personally tried five of his dishes currently on the Phunky Elephant’s menu. Each and every one of those dishes was incredible and captivating. Something else that intrigued me is that chef Shehu has a line of spice blends called the Ill Chefs Spice Blends. These blends are different seasonings he put together and will tell you which blend goes well with the dish you’re cooking. I noticed chef used spice blend #709 during his second taping on Neighborhood Chefs as he knocked out these five insanely good dishes.

Coffee Braised Beef Short Ribs

The ill Chef made us “coffee braised beef short rib with red wine reduction,” garlic mashed potatos, salmon and broccoli rabe with a yellow pepper coulis, opened faced oxtails, red coconut curry Prince Edward Island (p.e.i.) Mussels, and crab cakes w/homemade slaw that were devine.


All of these dishes are on the menu at the Phunky Elephant Gastropub check out the website http://www.thephunkyelephant.com you can also like the fan page on Facebook. It was a pleasure and an honor to see this chef in action. I love to see people that have a passion for what they do. Chef Shehu agrees and says “he is so much happier doing a job he actually loves even with the long hours.” He is finally happy and it shows in the quality work you get on your plate.
Finally, a bit of advice the ill Chef offered, “ If you have a passion in this business and want to do this as a career get to a place where you can work under a chef that has experience. They can show you how to work a line or the ins and outs of the kitchen, someone that will teach you techniques.” Chef Shehu has worked and studied at some of the best places from California, Rhode Island, NYC, and England all accredited schools and years of experience working with some of the best in the business.


This is spotlight here in the neighborhood for Neighborhood Chefs TV. Don't forget to check out Season 2! We have more to come with fantastic home cooks, mini chefs and professionals like Chef Shehu. I hope you enjoyed this special edition of the blog see you in and around the neighborhood more often.

Shehu Chocolate Dessert
chef shehu n me

IMAG4027-1 (1)
Yolanda P.

Season 2 Episode 1 Featured Chefs

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Blessings to all in and Around the Neighborhood,

How did you all like season 1? Well if you Think that was great, it only gets greater. Season 2 is up and in full effect; Episode 1 Started off this season with some amazing talented cooks, For Episode 1 you may have seen the lovely Cindy Thomas not only did she educate you as she made the Delicious tasting Salmon w/ Cucumber Mango Salsa and Jasmine Rice and very Healthy dish indeed.


Narine Blackwell, also appeared as he  made his famous Chicken Cordon Bleu w/ 3 Cheeses that was quite Delicious and good Ideal to use 3 cheeses, I love it…. cheese cheese good for your heart, oh wait that’s the wrong song. Anyway these chefs showed not only skill but heart; great job Cindy and Narine.

Each Episode I look to highlight each Chef that has appeared and feature 1 chef that stands out. The Chef that stood out was Chef Will Stephenson, the Comedian and Chef, Chef Will is the owner of Blue Lotus Catering, He Attended and graduated from Star Career Academy, Chef Will Came onto to the set with this light


and Funny demeanor which made it fun for all of us. Chef Will, Best supporters is his Wife Eli and Beautiful Twin Girls that will turn 2 later this month. Chef Will is Inspired to grow and share his talent and craft with others. We all have our rituals that inspires us when we’re cooking Chef Will’s is listening to music to the likes of  Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, O’jays and many more. Chef Will, let me find out you 2 step with the food you prepare (hahaha). Chef Will, started cooking at age 10 making his Mother a birthday Breakfast, Over the years of Cooking going to school and working in the field as well as having his own Business he would like to also give back by Starting a Culinary Scholarship Program and a after school program for the Youth. Personally, Chef Will is one of the Nicest Chefs I know, always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. Despite of whats going on be it personal or Business He will always make you laugh. Chef Will made  Pan-Seared Scallops, Sweet Corn and baby Heirloom tomato Relish; Fried Capers w/ Champagne Vinaigrette and Cilantro Micro Greens, Yum Yum Yummy. Take a Look at how he made this beautiful dish http://www.ibchannel.tv/chefs Episode 1 of Season 2. Please Look at all the deliciousness of all the chefs that appeared. Great job Everyone and Thank you for appearing on the Show…

Chef Will's dish

If you know anyone or you have something different to bring to the show Taping will resume in February for Season 2 please contact our Executive producer 800-651-7826 ext.520 Justice Stewart   jstewart@ibchannel.tv or moi Yolanda Parker, yparker@ibchannel.tv


Season 1 Finale’ has come, Make way for Season 2

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Greetings to All, in and around the Neighborhood,

The Time has come to say farewell to Season 1, and make way for season 2.

I hope you got a chance to see all the fantastic guest that appeared on the now infamous Neighborhood Chefs Cooking Show. I must say it was a Blast, taping and then watching the homecooks, Chefs, and specials come to life, not only viewing a picture but actually seeing all the love that goes behind preparing the food right before your eyes. There are some amazing people who can sure cook and was happy to not only show you what they’re made of but for the different and unique dishes, some that are signature dishes.

From Season 1, Episode 3 you may have gotten a glimpse of Justice Stewart, with His Mango Rum Chicken dish, well that specific dish made it on Food Porn but instead of chicken he used Shrimp same recipe. Justice Stewart is now the Executive Producer of  Neighborhood Chefs Season 2 and is doing a fantastic job.

During Season 1 the Finale’ there was a festival the Staff and Owners of the show went to here in New York City called the Googa Mooga Festival, I dare you to say Googa Mooga 5 times in a row; just kidding, anyway This festival was a foodie, cook, chefs dream, with all the fantastic foods vendors, special appearances, and some well know Chefs , Pastry Chefs, and entertainers turned Cooks at this festival. We met Marcus Samuleson, World renown Chef, you’ve probably seen him on the popular Tv show on Food Network Chopped, Samuelson Owns Restaurants in the NYC area. We also met Margaret Braun, Famous Pastry Chef you’ve probably seen on Oprah, so you know she must be good if Oprah says so, right?


The Biggest and best part about this outing for Neighborhood Chefs was Meeting Coolio, yes I said Coolio the singer/rapper that took us on a “fantastic voyage” Oh never mind, for all that don’t know that was one of his songs, google him. Well Coolio, has a TV show coming out himself called “Cooking With Coolio” and gave us the Royal treatment and gave us an exclusive interview with our very own Justice Stewart. He was so Laid back and cool, did not let stardom go to his head, maybe to his hair but not his head. Justice and Coolio chopped it up for a while and while taking pictures with the entertainer, Justice got an eye full of hair that poked him in the eye, but it was all love. ❤

All in all the day was filled with a great atmosphere, music, and most importantly FOOD; We definitely had a great time.

To make this clear to everyone I hope you got a chance to view all of season 1 as we make way for season 2. Season 1 will be archived and oh yeah, don’t forget I also appeared on episode 18 so you get to see all this greatness in action :-D!! I too appeared and was offered to be the blog writer/associate producer of the Neighborhood Chefs Tv show and it has been an honor, I’m not only behind the scenes but actually was part of a great experience.

Please go and check out how I made the crab stuffed Ravioli w/ Lobster in a Red Coconut Curry Broth; Also Dont Forget to check out all of Season 1 Thanks again for all your support and love for the Neighborhood Chefs Online Cooking TV Show.

If you or anyone you know that has what it takes to appear on the show Please Contact   jstewart@ibchannel.tv or 800 651 7826 ext 520, Justice Stewart Executive Producer

yparker@ibchannel.tv  Yolanda Parker

Season 2 Episode 1 is Airing now Please Check It out and later this week you will meet the guest…..

Wrapping Up Season 1 In the Neighborhood

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Hey Everyone in and around the Neighborhood,

I want to say to all of you that followed us on our Journey for The Neighborhood Chefs Tv Show, Near and Far THANK YOU, without you all where would we be. As Season closes I want to Recap for you that have seen the episodes and those that are new to the neighborhood, Just how amazing each individual cook, chef, restaurant has truly been for gracing our set and able to bring you new dishes and ideas that you may have not thought of.

Recapping Season 1:

Season 1 Episode 1:

Lesa Carter W/ Her Healthy Pasta Dish- You May want to check this out a Healthy dish who wouldnt want something healthy to serve their family or even yourself

Also from episode 1 we have Tazzina Restaurant Chef Jason Zukias W/ His Truffle Gnocci, just typing the words of this Dish has made my belly grumble, yummy. By The Way A little Know Fact that Jason Zukias is a 2X Chopped Champion, all I can Say Is Yes and Wow!

Episode 2: Tyrone Swinson came on and made Oven Fried Chicken, check it out May save you the cost of that Greasy Fried Chicken we all love so much, Also with Episode 2 We also had a Grilling Party With Lacey Tyrone Barea, Check it out see what this Man has done on the Grill

Episode 3: Eric Stewart Made a Delicious Roast Pork Dish that is Sure to Wow the masses

Our Executive Producer Justice Steward Made  Mango Cashew Chicken Dish Simular to the Infamous Mango Cashew Shrimp where you can find his dish at www.foodporn.com check it out a must see and also recipes for his dishes which are amazing www.gourmetdeconstructed.wordpress.com

Also There was Lakia Bradley’s version of Carribean Stew Chicken, if you never tried this dish this is a must see the flavors of the islands there is nothing like it.

Episode 4: Includes Fong Ma Which made and an amazing Chicken Lo Mein Dish, Any Chinese food is YUM

From  Alcatraz Fine Mexican Cuisine David Navarro made this incredible Peruvian Ceviche, Fresh and Delicious Check it out

Episode 5 Maria Borusso made Beef Tenderloin, Glria Branch Made a Chicken Parmesan, and Joseph Coco Made Eggplant Trio

Episode 6: Lisa Alleyne Made Baked Maple bacon, Harlem Tavern with their Bourbon Braised Beef Short Ribs, and also J. Jackson Made a Pumpkin French Toast W/ Berry Mascapone sauce

Episode 7: Personal Chef and Caterer Roshon Martin AKA Chef Ro made this Shrimp Salsa , Derwin Jordan Chicken Broccoli and Dhamilu Robinson made Fried Cornish Hen!!!! We Have a Valentines Day Speical w/ Saquan Jones Made a Catfish and Honey Corn, Chey B with his Pasta Dish

Episode 8: Mr Rene Moffett made Vegetarian Medley, Ayodele Iyageh- Nigerian Beef Stew, and Lionel Made Haitian Black Rice I’ve Had this dish myself and it is so delicious Check it out

Episode 9: Kathy Williams Made a Cream Pound Cake from Heavenly Crumbs Bakery, And Cake Diva Charmaine Jones Showing Us some tips in Cake Decorating

Episode 10 :Elton Hunte made Curry Shrimp w/ Bacalo( Salt fish) Salad, And Shantelle Made Ginger Mango Chicken, I can Imagine the Flavors mmmmmmm

Episode 11: elle simon pistachio encrusted rack of lamb
regine bigler holy rollers
mireille roc tamarind shrimp Can you say Delish?

Episode 12: mike zollner seared salmon
tukta long salmon wrapped in banana leaves

Episode 13: Jimmie Gadson stew chicken rice made in the oven
Chef Jahfrey Juvon Hutto Made  Braised chicken
 Arianna Matherson Baked Hawaiian style Salmon

Episode 14: Holmes family Pastries Banana Cheesecake ,Manny  Made Pepper Steak
Solomon Harrison Smothered Pork Chops

Episode 15: Day of the Returns

Lesa Carter  and Shantelle Smith

Episode 16 Jazmin Del Valle Flan w/Wine Berry Sauce
Kyle Bonner Seared Flounder
Arianne Benford Sweet Basil Polenta

Episode 17: Milton Jemmott owner of Bush Baby Cafe in Brooklyn

Latoya Snell Wine Seared Pear and Chicken
Lesllie Dunning

There are a few More Episodes Left and Please Check all of these Episodes out on www.ibchannel.tv/chefs1-22

Neighborhood Chefs will be Posting the last few Episodes Daily and Would like to Take the Time to say Thank you to all the participants and also the audience for our 1st run of Neighborhood Chefs TV show, Much Love to you all and God Bless Each and Everyone.

Do you or you know someone who has what it takes to make a fantastic dish? Well we are looking for them Neighborhood Chefs is in the Midst of taping Season 2 and Let Me Tell you it’s even Hotter this Season than ever so get on board of the Hottest TV cooking show In and Around the Web

Please Contact Executive Producer Justice Steward  jstewart@ibchannel.tv  1-866-359-6856 X711


 Yolanda Parker Associate Producer/Blog Writer yparker@ibchannel.tv 1-866-359-6856 x719


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Hey Friends In and Around the Neighborhood,

It’s that time that we all anticipated, Season 2 of the TV Show Neighborhood Chefs, we have an incredible line up of talented, chefs, cooks, hosts to Introduce you to. My job is to introduce them all and what they will be into coming months of taping, I don’t know about you, But me, personally I’m excited. I know I have been Quite Quiet lately , for good reasons I assure you. I have been working on my own Business Venture and Super excited about My Business Partner Latonya Mechelle and I have Great things for all to Look Forward to and Go “Beyond Measure” to bringing it to you, What I’m doing still doesn’t take away from my position here at Neighborhood Chefs.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Hosts and I’m happy to make these introductions.
1st Host I would Like to Introduce you to is Mike Hernandez, He will be the New Host of Neighborhood Chefs: On The Road, Where he will bring his experience and Grading of Local Restaurants, Dives, and Eateries in and Around New York area


Michael A. Hernández – Cooking has been part of Michael’s life since the early age
of four when he used to help his grandmother in the kitchen. Interestingly enough it all
began with this simple question posed by her, “are you going to marry a Mexican girl
when you grow up?” When he answered ‘no”, she took him by the hand and led him to
stove and said, “then you’d better learn how to cook.”

And cook he did. At 15 yrs. old he was already working as a broiler chef at a well-
known steakhouse in Omaha, NE. While in college his attention turned to fine dining and
Oenology—the study of viniculture. Upon graduation Michael was selected to be part
of the Grand Re-Opening team of the Willard—InterContinental Hotel in Washington,
D.C. —he was appointed, Dining Room Captain and Assistant Sommelier. After earning
his Sommelier Certificate in 1987 he moved to San Francisco to continue his studies in
Northern California’s legendary wine country … Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

However, in 1999 the lure of New York City, and the want for a greater sense of purpose,
set him on yet another career path … Public Health. Michael had finally found his
calling: helping people to lead healthier, more meaningful lives through wholesome
affordable food, safe spaces for physical activity, simple lifestyle changes, and good
governmental policies.

A nationally recognized advocate to help fight childhood obesity in the United States
of America, Michael sits on the Board of Directors for the Public Health Association
of New York City and serves as its Policy Chair for Food and Nutrition issues. He is
also the Chair-elect of the Community-Based Public Health Caucus (a national coalition
dedicated to empowering underserved communities) through the American Public Health

Michael and his wife, Gabrielle, love to travel, cook, and entertain friends in their
Brooklyn apartment as often as possible.



Please Make sure you show Mike Hernandez some Love and Check Out the Upcoming Chefs On the Road/ and He will also be a Host on Neighborhood Chefs.


Next Host is the Beautiful Jody Paulovich, she will be hosting Neighborhood Chefs,

Throughout her tenure in NYC as a starving actress and TV host, like many others, Jodi Paulovich,
aka Jo, worked in the restaurant business in more places (the Roxy, French bistros, family-style Italian
restaurants, trendy celeb-studded Madison ave hangouts, you name it) and capacities (hostess,
bartender, bar manager, banquet manager, promoter, PR, just about everything except chef) than
she cares to remember. But her struggles were not in vain, as she became an expert food and wine
critic. As a self-proclaimed foodie, there aren’t many cuisines she hasn’t tried, whether in NYC or
abroad. Although she might be considered a bit of a food snob by some, she still considers herself to
be a connoisseur of fine hot dogs and says if she could choose her last meal on Earth, it would be a
toss up…either gnocchi in white truffle butter or a hot dog from Gray’s Papaya lol. In spite of her food
fettish, she was raised with wheatgrass growing on the window sill, as her mother was very much into
herbs and clean living, so Jo tries to incorporate raw living foods into her diet, and tries to eat only
local or organic whenever possible (except for the hot dogs).

Jo has a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish from Penn State University, where she wrote and
anchored the noon news for the local NPR affiliate, wrote and produced the news for WJAC-TV, the
local NBC affiliate, and wrote for the local newspaper. Upon graduation, she moved to NYC where
she studied acting and did various things in the performing arts, including dancing, modeling, and
acting in several independent films, TV commercials, and hosting TV pilots. She eventually went on
to create a kitschy relationship advice blog called The Jo Show, which became a live weekly online
radio show and then a Brooklyn Cable Access TV show, focusing on relationship advice as well as
spirituality and holistic health topics.

Currently, Jo is a TV/radio/web host, writer, producer and motivational speaker on all things
relationships, holistic health, cooking, beauty, self-image and general reinvention. She has a holistic
health blog which focuses on natural cures and healing, which you can find at justaskjo.blogspot.com,
and she’s currently in pre-production on a relationship/dating advice book, coming soon. Jo resides in
Brooklyn with her Siamese cat, Rudy Giuliani.

Say Hello and show Love to Jo when you see what she has to bring to the show……..


Neighbors Let me introduce the Fabulous Doice John

An emerging talent in the hosting industry, Doice John began his hosting career for the touring Auto Shows. While doing the auto shows Doice realized he had a great passion for presenting information to people in an entertaining way.

Shortly after his auto show hosting began, Doice John moved to New York  from Detroit to increase his skills so that one day he could become a great and well known television host.

While in New York Doice booked many jobs as a Host and continues to look for more. He is very excited to be apart of neighborhood chefs . Doice loves to try new foods and cant wait to showcase Neighborhood Chefs to the world.


These Are Our Host/and Hostess with The Most/Mostest. Taping Begins August 18, 2012

If You are a Home Cook, Chefs, Pastry Chefs We Are Looking for You

Please Contact our Executive Producer Justice Stewart 866.359.6856 X711



Associate Producer/Blog Writer Yolanda Y. Parker   866-359-6856×719


Upcoming Season 2 Is Around the Corner I hope you are Ready Neighborhood Chefs Is BACK!!!

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Hello Neighbors,

I know it’s been awhile, I assure you that all is well in the Neighborhood In fact it’s better than ever. Why I say that you ask? Well as you know we closed Season 1 with a nice ending; We’ve said farewell to some important staff members that went on to enhance their careers and lives. We’ve got a fully loaded Staff that’s new to the Neighborhood I will introduce you guys to them later I promise. Well as we quickly approach Season 2 let me just say you all are really in for a treat, everyone has been working very hard to give you the best season yet, I may let you on to a little secret, hmmmm…..OK, you don’t have to pull my arm I’ll tell you. This New Season is exciting; not only are we featuring home cooks such as myself but also an known Food Network Chopped Champion, A few Notable Chefs, Fantabulous, Yes I said Fantabulous, Home Cooks that have a passion to Cook and Show you a thing or two around the kitchen with their unique styles and very Delicious dishes; Heck you may even see the Executive Producer Justice Stewart in front of the Camera, Well I almost guarantee you will. We will also introduce 2 New Shows along with Season 2 of Neighborhood Chefs, Dealing with Local Eateries and On the Road, where we will Feature many food places Locally and surrounding areas….. I cannot tell you how excited I am, I hope you are too.

I forgot to mention the Most Important Guest that will appear on Season 2…….You’ve Guessed it’s MOI, so I’m not always going to be behind the scenes but also in front of the camera as well, You will get a glimpse of my taping from 1st season leading you into the New Season Of Neighborhood Chefs, Here is the Dish I’ve Prepared for Season 1


This is my own Crab Stuffed Ravioli with Lobster in a Red Coconut Curry Broth……. Now I totally had a different dish in mind but I traveled from Ohio to NYC so I brought Fresh ingredients in New York, I wanted to originally do a Red Coconut Curry Crab/Lobster Dish with Dumplings I couldn’t find the Live Crabs So I opted to make the Crab stuffed Ravioli still thinking outside the box I felt the Flavors I would put together would marry nicely and they did I was super nervous but the staff made me feel like family instantly. I’m truly honored to be apart of such a team and crew that I’ve taken on 2 Roles in the Company 1 I’m the new Blog Writer and 2nd I’m the New Associate Producer Under Justice Stewart for Neighborhood Chefs, and You will Also see me not only Behind the Scenes but Also In front of the Camera. Thank you, Nicole and Sam Small for the opportunity to allow me to Blog and also my other roles in and around the Neighborhood. I Just have to say to all Cooks, Chefs, Foodies, and Caterers out there If you Have a Dream, Live it, Make it Happen; Don’t Allow Anyone to Deter from what you Know and how you do things I’m a firm Believer That God Instilled in us a Gift Partly not only to have a Passion for but also A Purpose, Believe In God then you also Believe in Yourself Because HE (GOD) will Guide you Every Step of the way…. So With that being said I hope to see you in and around the Neighborhood for SEASON 2 Its Going to Be FIYAH!!!!!!!

If you or if you know anyone who would like to appear on Neighborhood Chefs TV Show Please feel free to Contact Justice Stewart, Executive Producer 1-866-359-6856 X 711 jstewart@ibchannel.tv


Yolanda Parker, Associate Executive Producer/Blog Writer 1-866-359-6856 X 719 yparker@ibchannel.tv

Please By All Means Feel Free to Reach out Let us know How We are Doing.

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